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Hot smoked WILD Sockeye, King and Silver Salmon are top of their class!

A small manufacturer on the Kenai Peninsula puts out this superior product for us. This is the best smoked salmon we have seen in a long time. Only #1 grade WILD caught Sockeye and King filets are used. Packed in their own natural oils, all natural, no preservatives, or artificial flavors. It just doesn't get any better than this!

No refrigeration needed and shelf stable for up to 5 years! Delicious right out of the pouch or mixed into a dip served on an unsalted wheat cracker for a real treat. So good.

Clear front vaccuum sealed pouches are sold in 4 oz. portions and up to 1.5 lb. filets. Our delicious smoked salmon is also sold in 7 oz. glass jars, makes a nice gift, or 6.75 oz. cans that are perfect for recipes!



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